Eli Guerra shaking hands with Governor Rick Perry

Student getting Governor Rick Perry’s autograph

Eli Guerra presenting Gov. Perry with sword

Eli Guerra and Guardian Angel staff presenting 1st place winner Anissa Reyes with a Nintendo Wii.

Johnny Maldonado (IBC Bank), Lupe Gallegos, Valerie Lopez, Magdaleno Rangel, Amanda Jaramillo, Michelle Elms, Phillip Reyes, Gavino Ramos, Jose Perez, Christina Delgado, Graciela Flores, Lily Trevino, Kathy Martinez, Annette Reyes, Mark and Linda Webster.
Kids, teachers, parents and volunteers were honored and praised in the state capitol of Austin by Governor Rick Perry on June 09, 2011.  Kids from as far as the lower Rio Grande Valley, McAllen, Edinburg, San Isidro, Starr County and San Antonio, TX attended the ceremony where Governor Perry presented the kids and volunteers with a proclamation, proclaiming the month of June 2011 as Karate Kids of America “Just Say NO” to Drugs, Gangs and Alcohol.  Kids being honored by Governor Perry were chosen out of thousands of kids who wrote letters to their friends persuading them to say no to drugs, gangs and alcohol.  Master Bob Davis, President of McAllen Karate Kids, had over 10,000 kids participate.  Governor Perry was presented with a samurai sword, a symbol of which together and in unity we shall conquer and cut away drugs, gangs and alcohol abuse from our children’s lives, our future.  A big thanks to Senator Van de Putte, Senator Hinojosa and Senator Uresti and State Representative Lyle Larson, State Representative Joe Farias and State Representative Joaquin Castro for their support in helping to get the children recognized and honored by our Governor as well as by all of them. 

Bexar County Courthouse

Bexar County Courthouse

Sea Island volunteers Ms. Anthoney and Mr. Barkley, Chief Amadeo Ortiz, Eli, Judge Wolff, Chief McManus and Jesse Alaniz

Bexar County Courthouse

Eli Guerra, Nelson Wolff, Police Chief McManus

Mayor Pro Tem

Kids from all over the city of San Antonio were honored by Mayor Pro Tem Ray Lopez and City Council for their persuasive efforts in discouraging their friends from drugs, gangs, and alcohol in a letter to a friend contest.  Master Eli Guerra, Members of I.B.C. bank, Mauricio Fernandez-DEA, Chief of Police, representative from State Rep. Lyle Larson’s office, City of Castle Hills Councilman Bruce Smiley-Kaliff, Ms. Harris - representative from Wright Elementary (Harlandale ISD), Johnny Maldonado-City Councilman, Jennifer Ramos-City Councilwoman and others were there to honor and congratulate the kids.  Many thanks to Ranza Flores from the YWCA.  Below are the list of the 2011 winners:

1st place Winners

4th grade:  Jordan Kupczynski  (Blessed Sacrament)
5th grade:  Anissa Reyes  (Blessed Sacrament)

2nd place Winners

4th grade:  Megan Aguilar (Salado Intermediate)
5th grade:  Danika Enriquez (Austin Academy)

3rd place Winners

4th grade:  Avery Ramirez (Five Palms Elem.)
5th grade:  Sophia Ramos (Blessed Sacrament)

Meeting with the County Commissioners

Karate Promotions

Judge Nelson Wolff was presented with a samurai sword, a symbol of which together and in unity we shall conquer and cut away drugs, gangs and alcohol abuse from our children’s lives, our future.

  :  In loving memory of my father, Narciso Guerra - 09/17/1918 - 11/01/2011  
Karate Kids Promotion Night Narciso Guerra and Eli Guerra at the La Grulla High School Inauguration