Mayor Pro Temp Chris Medina and city council presenting proclamation to Eli Guerra, kids and volunteers; proclaiming the month of May as Karate Kids of America “Just Say NO! to Drugs, Gangs and Alcohol” month; kids Jonathan and Cyann performed a karate form to “God Bless America” by Kate Smith in honor of all our soldiers here and all over the world.

Mayor of Castle Hills presenting kids & volunteers with a proclamation:  1st Row:  Jamison Rodriguez (Karate Kid participant), Jonathan Falcon (Karate Kid performed karate form to “God Bless America” for City Council in honor of all our troops all over the world who are fighting to preserve our freedom), Cyann Silva (also performed to “God Bless America”), Elias Reyes, Jackie Hernandez (1st place winner – Colonial Hills Elem. – NEISD), Angelina Villarreal (honorable mention – Colonial Hills Elem. – NEISD), Karate Kid participant, Christina Lee (YWCA Challenge Program Coordinator);  2nd Row:  Rita Hoyl (City Manager), Hernan Cabral (Karate Kids volunteer), Nathan Cazares (Karate Kid participant), Sandi Wolff (Board of Trustees – NEISD), Mayor Bruce Smiley-Kaliff, Stacia Spridgen (City Council), Tom Davis (City Council), Sandra Garcia (FBI Community Outreach Specialist); 3rd Row:  George Poole (Group Supervisor of Intelligence), Mel Rodriguez (Special Agent in Charge – DEA), Tim Howell (City Council), Michael Catalani (City Council), Eli Guerra (Karate Kids Founder), John Squire (City Council)

Commissioners Court of Bexar County:  Judge Nelson Wolff, County Commissioners presenting kids and volunteers a proclamation from Bexar County.  Judge Wolff and County Commissioners received medals of commitment by the kids for their many years of commitment to helping save young lives in the Karate Kids “Just Say NO!” program.  Pictured are:  Kevin Wolff, Sandy Garcia, Judge Wolff, Tommy Atkisson with kids Jonathan, Nathan, Wesley and Jamison Rodriguez.

Karate Kids of America at Bexar County Courthouse – Erick Gonzales (Sea Island), Rick Carroll (DEA), Eli Guerra, Sandy Garcia (FBI), Johnny Maldonado (IBC) and kids Jonathon Falcon, Jamison Rodriguez, Angelina Villarreal and Nathan Cazares.

Picture of karate kids promotion and recognition evening.  Kids promoted and honored with medals of achievement for being on the honor roll all year long.          Special thanks to Barclay Anthony, Chrissy Anthony, Sandy Garcia, Christina Lee, J. Alaniz and Mr. & Mrs. Meyers.

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of San Antonio with kids and volunteers.  Archbishop Garcia-Siller was presented in the past year a samurai sword – a symbol of together and in unity we shall cut away drugs, gangs and alcohol from our children’s lives.

Frost Bank rep. Elizabeth Deike with Colonial Hills Elem. Asst. Principal Veronica Vasys receiving recognition for her 1st place winning student Jackie Hernandez and honorable mention Angelina Villarreal; 3rd place winner Wesley Rocha (Wright Elem. – Harlandale ISD) displaying certificates sponsored by Frost Bank.

San Antonio Spurs Meagan Johnson displaying her certificate for her support of the Karate Kids “Just Say NO!” contest.  Also many thanks to the San Antonio Spurs, Mr. Peter Holt and Ms. Carolyn Wallace for their continued commitment of helping to save young lives.

Carlos Martinez (IBC Executive Vice President), Johnny Maldonado (IBC Bank Officer) and Mike Sohn (IBC President) presenting 5th grade 1st place winner Keira Martinez, 2nd place winner Gavino Ramos and 3rd place winner Wesley Rocha, their prizes.

Sea Island owner Barclay Anthony, staff Erick Gonzales, Jesse Mermeia, Gilbert and Eli Guerra presenting 4th grade winners Jackie Hernandez (1st place), Serenity Gabrielle Constante (2nd grade) & Peter Reyna (3rd place) their prizes.

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Meyers with kids Zeke, Jonathon, Cyann and Daniel.  Kids were selected to go to Mo-Ranch; Mo-Ranch sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Meyers and Mo-Ranch.

Mission Statement:

“If all our efforts help at least one child stay away from drugs, gangs and alcohol, then it will all have been worth it.”