Master Eli Guerra (with Mykoh Aguilar, Jamison Rodriguez and Jonathon Falcon) presenting Gov. Abbott with a samurai sword (a symbol of together and in unity we shall cut away drugs, gangs and alcohol from our children’s lives.)

Presentation of samurai sword to Gov. Abbott by Master Bob Davis and kids from lower Rio Grande Valley.

Jamison Rodriguez presenting Gov. Abbott with a yellow rose for our First Lady, our yellow rose of Texas.

Jamison Rodriguez getting a thank you with a hand shake from Gov. Abbott for the yellow rose.

One dozen roses were presented to Gov. Abbott for his wife, Cecilia Abbott, as he was told a guardian angel is always with her.  Justin Menchaca (Guardian Angel Child Development Center), Matthew Cortez (1st place winner) and Adam Davis (McAllen, TX).

Volunteers and sponsors Johnny Maldonado and Joshua Rodriguez from IBC Bank.

Imelda & Tony Munoz (volunteers) with Governor Abbott.

Mayor Ivy Taylor and City Council presenting Eli Guerra, kids and volunteers with a proclamation proclaiming the month of May as Karate Kids of America “Just Say NO! to Drugs, Gangs and Alcohol” month.  Members of the F.B.I., D.E.A., police chief of San Antonio and Castle Hills, TX attended the ceremony as they honored and congratulated the kids.  Also representatives from Sea Island Shrimphouse and YWCA.

Karate kids presenting Mayor Ivy Taylor with a samurai sword.  Mayor Taylor believes in our unity, and together we can cut away drugs, gangs and alcohol.  Deshawna Escobar, Jonathon Wollenzih, Jonathon Falcon and Mykoh Aguilar.

Mayor Tim Howell of the city of Castle Hills and City Council presenting kids with a proclamation and honoring them for “Just Saying No” to drugs, gangs and alcohol in a letter to a friend.  Representatives from the FBI, DEA, Chief of Police (Castle Hills), Chief of Fire Dept. (Castle Hills), YWCA, Sea Island and Northeast ISD were there to honor the kids..

Colonial Hills Elem. students Vivian Ton and William Sosanya presented City of Castle Hills Mayor Tim Howell with a medal of commitment… a commitment to the children. 

Kids being honored at the new and beautiful commissioner’s court by Judge Nelson Wolff and County Commissioners.  Volunteers Mark and Linda Webster, Garnel Harris, Sheriff Pamerleau, Jaime Camero, Nathan Hernandez, Mykoh Aguilar, Matthew Cortez, Sandy Garcia (FBI), Jesse Alaniz and Joe Pena (Frost Bank).  The kids sang “happy birthday” to Commissioner Chico Rodriguez and Paul Elizondo.

Mission Statement:

“If all our efforts help at least one child stay away from drugs, gangs and alcohol, then it will all have been worth it.”

Karate kids promotion and recognition evening.  Kids being promoted and honored with a medal of achievement for being on the A-B Honor Roll.  Constable Ruben Tejeda, Jesse Alaniz (Harlandale Board of Trustees) and IBC representative Johnny Maldonado had the honor of placing the medals on the kids.

Sea Island Shrimphouse owner Barkley Anthony, managers Gus Ramirez and Jesse Mermeia presenting proud winners: 1st place:  Matthew Cortez (Ball Elem. SAISD), 2nd place:  Gabby Aliza Gonzalez (Morrill Elem. HISD) and 3rd place:  Lisette Hernandez (Highland Park Elem. SAISD).  Barkley Anthony honored the kids and told them what a great example of leadership they are as other kids will follow

In loving memory of Narciso Guerra, Sr. (1918-2011).