For the first time in all of the years we have been invited for a photo opportunity with Governors of Texas, this was the first time that a First Lady of Texas joined our Governor and our children to share the joy and praise the efforts that the children have accomplished in the "JUST SAY NO" to Drugs, Gangs and Alcohol letter to a friend. How awesome it was and how proud we all were to hear our governor Greg Abbott speak such words of encouragement as he spoke to the children "what you do in your commitment to living a drug free life and focusing on discipline and good principal and that is what makes Texas go great".

Governor Abbott continued talking to the children as he proudly introduced his wife Cecilia Abbott as being the first Hispanic First Lady in the history of Texas. Governor Abbott with his busy schedule had no limits on the time he shared with the children, the volunteers and myself. Governor Abbott and his wife demonstrated with their actions, and showed the State of Texas and the country, that when it comes to our children, there can be no limit on time.

It was one of the greatest honors to have received a blessing for myself, the children and the volunteers who attended Mass on March 30, 2016 at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston Texas with His Eminence Cardinal Daniel Dinardo. We were received with open arms by His Eminence, Father Jude and Father Lawrence Jozwiak, Rector of the Co-Cathedral, and the ushers who were invited to take the offering at Mass and later after Mass presented His Eminence with a Samurai sword as he understood the symbol of the sword as he accepted it. Volunteers Mr. and Mrs.Webester, Ms. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Rabago, Former Board Member Harlandale I.S.D. Jesse Alaniz and Mrs. Alaniz, Ms. Susan Guerra.

Governor Abbott and Mrs.. Abbott Receiving Samurai Sword (a symbol of together in unity we shall cut away Drugs, Gangs and Alcohol from our children's lives.) The kids assisting are Jonathon W., Johnathon H., Gabrielle R. and Armando F..

First Lady Cecilia Abbott, Governor Abbott and Master Eli Guerra - a friendly hug.

Governor Abbott and Mrs. Abbott with volunteers and judges - from the F.B.I., Sandy Garcia, D.E.A. Agent Rick Carroll, and retired D.E.A. Agent Jack Schumaker.

Governor Abbott shaking the hand of Julian Leija from Rayburn Elementary and congratulating Harlandale I.S.D. Board member Mr. Ricardo Moreno and Mrs. Garnell Harris Counselor at Wright Elementary for their 100% participation, where every child in fourth and fifth grade wrote a letter to their friend discouraging them from drugs, gangs and alcohol.

Governor Abbott signing Certificates of Appreciation making him the fourth Governor of Texas to stand by the efforts of the Karate Kids of America "Just Say No" and support the children of Texas. Certificates are presented to all winners and volunteers. Big smile from Governor Abbott as he sees the joy on his wife Cecilia's face as she receives red roses from several children and on yellow rose from 3 year old Angel Webester.
First Lady showing off her Certificate of Appreciation presented to her by the children as she shows her gratitude with a hug for the kids and later an autographed picture and a thank you note,

Kids Johnathon Falcon from Harlandale I.S.D. and Gabrielle Ramirez from Japhet Elemetary performing in front of Governor Abbott and First Lady Cecilia Abbott at the State Capitol. The kids performed a Karate Form to God Bless America by Kate Smith, honoring all our past and present soldiers who have fought and are fighting to preserve out freedom all over the world. Our Governor and our First Lady could not have been prouder of the kids performance as they showed their content of the kids with the smiles on their faces.


I.B.C. Representatives and Sponsors Angela Cornelius and Lee Rios thanked by Governor Abbott and Cecilia for their support of the "Just Say No" program as he also told them to say hello and thank Mr. Dennis Nixon, I.B.C. Executive President.

Sea Island Shrimp House Representative and Sponsors Olim Khalikov and his kids were thanked by Governor Abbott and Cecilia. They also thanked Barkley Anthony for his support of the program.

San Anton Mayor Ivy Taylor and the City Council were amazed and took great pleasure in honoring the many children and volunteers who attended the ceremony proclaiming the month of may as "KARATE KIDS OF AMERICA JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS, GANGS AND ALCOHOL MONTH" in a letter written to a friend contest. A pause was taken during the ceremony to remember and honor our former First Lady Nancy Reagan the founder of the "JUST SAY NO" program. Thank you Mayor Taylor and City Council for taking precious time from your busy schedule to honor pour precious children, our future.

A Samurai Sword was presented to Mayor Ivy Taylor by kids Gabby Ramirez, Sebestian Enriquez, Johnathon Huerta and Alessandra Rabago.

Colonial Hills Elementary School N.E.I.S.D. Student First Place winner Christopher Wallace. Honorable Mention Jacinda Hinojosa and Assistant Principal Mr. Delgado from Blessed Sacrament School. Fisher Kirby Second Place Winner attended the Ceremony as Mayor Tim Howell of the City of Castle Hills presented the kids with a Proclamation. Volunteers D.E.A. Special Agent F. Dante Sorinello, Agent Rick Carroll, I.B.C. Jesus Oliverez, County Commissioner Kevin Wolfe, N.E.I.S.D. Board Members Sandy Wolff, Kids Johnathon Falcon, Johnathon W., Johnathon H.. Christopher Wallace had the honor of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Bexar County Commissioners Court and Judge Nelson Wolff proudly presented the kids and volunteers with a proclamation.

Tom Frost representing Frost Bank, Sponsor of the Certificates given to the children and volunteers, stands proudly with the children as he accepted a Certificate of Appreciation given to him by the children.

Sheriff Estevan Lopes, representing the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, (picture of former Mayor Hardberger on background) Master Eli Guerra, D.E.A. Special Agent in Charge S.A. District F. Dante Sorianello, and Jonathon Falcon.

Jesse Mermeia Manager and Sponsor of Sea Island Shrimp House on Military Drive and his staff Ciana Ramirez, Tristan Salizar, presenting First Place Winner Christopher Wallace of Colonial Hills Elementary, Second Place Winner Fisher Kirby of Blessed Sacrament School, and Third Place Winner Vanessa Hernandez of Neil Armstrong Elementary. Sea Island Representative honored the children by announcing to all the customers who these children were and what they had done to "Just Say No", and then treated them and their parents to dinner.

I.B.C. Sponsors and representatives Jesus Oliverez presented First Place Winner Paulina Ramos of Edgewood I.S.D. Loma Park Elementary with and X Box One and Second Place Winner Julian Leija of Harlandale I.S.D. Rayburn Elementary a Nintendo 3DS-Cosmo and Third Place Winner Rudy Martinez of Kate Shank Elementary with a $100.00 check,

In loving memory of Narciso Guerra, Sr.