Jesse Mermea Manager of Sea Island southside presenting kids with writing contest awards.

1st place – Alexandra Martinez from Wright Elementary
2nd place – Arianna Sosa from East Central Salado
3rd – Gerriyn Gonzales from Vestal elementary  

Karate Kids of America with Gov. Abbott and Mrs. Abbott 2017

Mr. Ricardo Moreno Harlandale Board of Trustees thanking the Mayor and City Council and  honoring the children present.  Mr. Moreno and Harlandale I.S.D. were applauded and thanked by the mayor and city counsil for their 100% participation.

D.E.A Special Agent Armando Talamantez thanking Mayor, City Council and honoring all the children who were present for their great job of “Just saying no” to drugs, gangs and alcohol.


Christina Lee from YWCA program and coordinator of the After-School Challenge program thanking Mayor, City Council and honoring the children. The YWCA did an excellent job with great participation.

Constable Ruben Tejeda also thanking our Mayor and City Council and honoring the children’s present.

Gabriela Ramirez preforming in front of our Mayor and City Council.  She is performing a karate form of “God Bless America” by Kate Smith in honor of all our past and present soldiers, who fought and are fighting for our freedom.


What a great job it was to have met Governor Abbott and our First Lady Cecilia once again. Governor Abbott and Cecilia both honored and praised our children for their strong stand on saying no to drugs, gangs, and alcohol. We were also very honored for having State Rep. Thomas Ureste and State Senator Carlos Ureste join our Governor to honor our children. The children and volunteers who came form the lower Rio Grande Valley under the direction of Master Bob Davis and his volunteers who had successful participation were also honored by Governor Abbott. Governor Abbott gave a strong praise and applauded the 100% participation that Harlandale had as he shook hands with board member Ricardo Moreno who was representing Harlandale I.S.D.. Wright and Gillette Elementary first place winner also were honored as the First Lady gave a hug to Counselor Ms. Harris. The children were also honored by F.B.I. Agent Jason Hudson, DEA Agent Armando Talamantez and Border Patrol Agents Miguel Lopez and Agent Cynthia Canales from Laredo, Tx.  


Presentation of the Proclamation by Mayor Ivy Taylor

Eminence Daniel Dinardo receiving a certificate of appreciation and a Samurai sword presented by Jonathan Falcon, Eli Guerra and Mark Webster. 

Gov. Abbott proudly displaying the kick drugs out of Texas T-shirt that was presented to him. Standing next to him is his lovely wife our First Lady Cecilia Abbott holding a small Samurai sword presented by the children.

Jonathan Falcon karate student and Harlandale student presenting Gov. Abbott with a T-shirt of Karate Kids of America.

Briana Hernandez giving First Lady Cecilia Abbott a yellow rose for our yellow rose of Texas.

Gov. Abbott shaking the hand of  D.E.A Agent Armando Talamantez as he thanked him for his involvement with the karate kids. F.B.I. AGENT Jason Hudson stands behind him with a big smile on his face.

Children presenting first lady Cecelia Abbott with one dozen roses for her and one dozen roses for her mother.

    Gov. Abbott with law enforcement volunteers and State Rep. Thomas Ureste, agent Miguel Lopez Border Patrol, First Lady Cecilia Abbott, Eli Guerra, Gov. Abbott, agent Cynthia Canales Border Patrol, D.E.A. Agent Armando Talamantez, FBI Agent Jason Hudson and Master Bob Davis.

Harlandale ISD representatives and Children with Gov. Abbott as he praised them and honored them for having 100% participation. Thanks to all the counselors, teachers, principals and Nancy Hartsfield.

Presentation of the Samurai sword to Gov. Abbott by children Serenity Ybarra an Ayden Hernandez

State Rep. Tomas Ureste next to First Lady Cecilia Abbott proudly wearing her Drug Free ribbon.



Kids, sponsors and volunteer’s recognition evening. Kids getting recognized for their achievement in Martial Arts and their achievement on being on the A-B Honor roll through out the year. Volunteers and sponsors recognizing them with a medal of commitment for their commitment to our children.

Special Thanks to all our State Rep., State Senators, Congressman, Texas Rep., FBI, DEA, Border Patrol, all the law enforcement of Texas, our Mayor, San Antonio SPURS, Governor, Lieutenant Governor and all who have volunteered and have made a commitment to saving young lives from drugs, gangs, and alcohol without your support Karate Kids of America would not be as successful as it has been. Thank you Mr. Allee Wallace our photographer who goes with us to every event the children are involved. “IF ALL OUR EFFORTS HELP AT LEAST ONE CHILD STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS,GANGS,AND ALCOHOL, IT WILL ALL HAVE BEEN WORTH IT.

.In loving memory of Narciso Guerra, Sr.