Governor Abbott,
It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I come to you today with the loss of my wife Susan Guerra the love of my life, but I know in my heart she is rejoicing in heaven as she would want me to continue working saving children’s lives. Just as she had done all her life at Guardian Angel Child Development Center dedicating her life to children. So, we are honored to be here with you once again Governor Abbott and your lovely wife Cecilia to honor and praise the children who “Just say no” to drugs gangs and alcohol, especially the children who come from as far as the lower Rio Grande Valley under Master Bob Davis. Governor Abbott we not only consider you to be our Governor, but our good friend and a guardian to the children of the state of Texas. For you always take time out of your busy schedule to give us a light of encouragement, a light that shines on the children as well as all of us, myself and the volunteers.

Thanks to the FBI and DEA staff who volunteer their time to be judges, YWCA, IBC, Longhorn Steakhouse, Sea Island Shrimp House, The San Antonio Spurs and our Lt. Governor, Congressman, State Senators, and State Representative who graciously gave their time to help the children. We are also honored to have our Border Patrol agents who came from the Laredo sector under Chief Carla Provost.
Sebastian Enriquez presenting First Lady Cecilia with a certificate of appreciation signed by many dignitaries including her husband Gov. Greg Abbott First Lady Cecilia Abbott accepting a small sword from Gabriella Ramirez and Serenity Ybarra

Governor Abbott reading proclamation to the children.

The unity of low in support of the “Just Say No” to drugs, gangs and alcohol from the Karate Kids of America. “Where there is unity there is success.” Left to right Herminio Reyes, Armando Talamantez, Master Bob Davis.
Children presenting First Lady Cecilia Abbott with once dozen roses.

First Lady Cecilia Abbott admiring the beautiful red roses given to her from the children.

Bella Enriquez with the First Lady and yellow rose. Bella Enriquez getting a big hug from the First Lady Cecilia Abbott for her accepting a yellow rose for she is our yellow “Rose of Texas“.
Governor Abbott presenting the proclamation to the children

Gov. Abbott reading proclamation to the children and the volunteers as the First Lady Cecilia Abbott watches him with pride in her eyes.

Gov. Abbott taking the sword out of the sheath and admiring it.

 Ivan Lopez and Mike Manzanero presenting Gov. Abbott with a samurai sword. A symbol of togethers and unity we will cut drugs, gangs and alcohol from children’s lives.

Armando Flores Presenting certificate of appriciation to Governor Abbott

Armando Flores presenting certificate of appreciation to Governor Abbott.

Gov. Abbott accepting with a big smile certificate of appreciation. The First Lady received the small sword which was presented to her by Serenity and Gabriell.
First Lady accepting the small sword from Serenity and Gabriella. Mayor Ron Nirenberg and City Council presenting Proclamation to kids. FBI Special agent Greg Pratt, DEA Special Agent Armando Talamantez, Sheriff Javier Salazar, Constable Ruben Tejeda attended the ceremony to honor and praise the children. Sponsors from Sea Island and Mr. Ruben from Longhorn Steak House were also present to honor the children.
Guardian Angel Child Development Center Director Lizz Rocha and Office Manager Evelyn Gomez presenting 1st place winner Kassandra Sanchez of Colonial Hills Elem. with $200.00 cash and 2nd place winner. Jaylynn Arraela of Wright Elem. with $150.00 gift card. Being there for the presentation was Mrs. Garnell Harris and Mrs. Nancy Hartfield administrative Asst. Guidance Counseling and Health Services were present. Mayor Ron accepting one dozen roses from children for his wife honoring her on Mother’s Day.
Armando Flores presenting the Mayor with a medal of commitment. A commitment made by Mayor Ron to our children. Mayor Ron proudly showing his medal of commitment presented by the children
Serenity Ybarra preforming “God Bless America” karate form in front of Mayor, City Council and the people attending the ceremony. Children 1st place winner Norma Sanchez and second place winner Jaylynn Arreala and Nancy Hartfield showing off her certificate of appreciation and counselor Garnell Harris standing by the picture of Susan Maheu Guerra founder of Guardian Angel.
Presenting a certificate of appreciation to Arch Bishop Gustavo Garcia Siller a strong supporter.

Border Patrol Agent Juan Dominguez, First Lady Cecilia Abbott, and Agent Herminio Reyes.

Master Guerra reading a speech to Governor Abbott as he gets emotional reading a speech on his wife Susan Guerra passing as First Lady Cecilia Abbott comforted him.
Shortly after Eli Guerra was able to obtain Gov. Abbott signature on the group photo from Austin.

Eli Guerra presented the Don Perdo family with the Karate Kids of America certificate of appreciation on their 50th anniversary. Marco Sepulveda, Mr. Sepulveda, Oscar Sepulveda, Mrs Sepulveda, Eli Guerra and Ruben Sepulveda

Strong supporters of the Karate Kids of America “Just Say No” Left to right Eli Guerra, Oliver, and very much loved Mrs. Chrissy Anthony from Sea Island Eli Guerra and Former Mayor Henry Cisneros.
Border Patrol Agent Juan Gutierrez encouraged kids from Herbonville Tx to participate in the “Just say no” letter writing contest. Promotion and recognition night karate students being promoted to higher rank and also recognized for their A/B honor roll with a medal of achievement. Dignitaries Constable Ruben Tejeda, Ruben Emory and Children proudly display our sponsors banner Longhorn SteakHouse. Thank you, Ruben Emory of Longhorn, and thank you Barcley Anthony and Chrissy of Sea Island for your involvement with the children.
From left to right Master John Flores, Mr. Vicente Andrada, Master Frank Rodriguez, Mr. Sebastian, Master David Hinojosa, Master Eli Guerra, And the youngest black belt Oliver G. (Mr. Vincent Andrada and Mr. Sebastian Enriquez are the two newest black belts.) Mr. Vicente Andrada proudly standing wearing his new black belt in the middle of Master Frank Rodriguez and Master Eli Guerra
Gabby and Serenity performing a karate form of God Bless America by Kate Smith. As they raise their hands to display the sign of God.

A proud Master Eli Guerra holding his youngest black belt grandson Oliver

Mr. Jose Trevino NEISD board of trustees with first place winner from Colonial Hills Elementary Kassandra Sanchez and Master Eli Guerra


I appreciate Greg Popovish taking the time out of his busy schedule to respond to my letter and give me words of comfort in the loss of my wife Susan Guerra.
(letter attached below)
Dear Pop,
It has been many years since I last saw you. When my wife Susan and I heard the sad news about your wife we were both sad for your loss and we prayed for you. At that time I could not Imagine how you must have felt with your loss, that is until I lost my wife 5 months ago on May 20th, then I could understand how you felt, loosing your spouse is the most profound grief any human being can have. I see you out in the court and wonder how you are managing your grief.
This picture I am sending you was taken by your wife Erin, she was so kind as to take my camera so that you and I could be together as I presented you with a certificate of appreciation. This was the second pose, my camera did not work the first time, so she was persistent and asked/told you to pose again, because she knew that picture of you and I was important to me. I believe her to be just as kind and serviceable as my wife Susan.
I do not know if you will get my letter but if you do please thank her Erin and let her know that my wife Susan is up there in heaven, I know they are two angels who will get along great and look after us down here on Earth.
We love her just as we love you.
Eli Guerra


I am so sorry for what you are going thru; obviously we are in the same boat and it is quite painful.
Hopefully some sort of peace will come and memories that bring joy will outnumber the sad ones.  I wish you all the best as you work thru this process.
Thank you Pop and the San Antonio Spurs for honoring all our children who take part in the Karate Kids of America Just Say No To Drug Gangs and Alcohol program.