4th grade writing contest winners at Sea Island

5th grade writing contest winners at Longhorn Steakhouse

Mayor Ron Nirenberg honoring the late Susan Guerra a strong supporter of the “Just Say No” at her Mass

A hug and a big thank you in appreciation to Our First Lady for caring so much for our children of Texas. We cannot thank you and Governor Abbott enough for all you do for our kids.

First Lady Cecilia Abbott presenting Mr. Guerra with the proclamation

First Lady reading the pamphlet inviting her to attend the ceremony honoring the late Susan Guerra wife of Eli Guerra and strong supporter of the Karate Kids “Just Say No”

Supporter Lizz Rocha and First Lady

First Lady Cecilia Abbott with children and Volunteers

Children presenting First Lady with Roses

Lizz Rocha Director of Guardian Angel Child Development Center presenting our First Lady with a certificate of appreciation signed by Governor Abbott and other dignitaries

Karate Girls Serenity Gabriele and Leia performing for our First Lady at the State Capitol

Karate girls performing in front of First Lady to a Karate form to God Bless America by Kate Smith as they kneel down and make the sign of God

Karate champion girls with First Lady and David Barrera Representing Senator Zaratini

Karate Kids “Just Say No” with special guest

Master Eli Guerra, First Lady Cecillia, David Barrera Representing Senator Zaratini
We really appreciate Senator Zaratini for sending a representative to honor all the children

Pastor Harris and wife Ms. Harris counselor at Wright Elem. Master Eli and First Lady

First Lady, Robert Garcia and grandson Ian

Volunteer parent Linda Webster and Angel with First Lady

Children MaryAnn Howard and Lia Davila Presenting First Lady with Samari Sword

First Lady Cecilia Abbott presenting Master Eli Guerra with Texas Proclamation

Children Presenting Carol of Longhorn Steakhouse with a certificate of appreciation and a banner saying thank you Longhorn Steakhouse presented at Guardian Angel St. Vincent chapel

Master Eli presenting Longhorn Steakhouse Carol Dilts Vice President of Operations with a red rose in appreciation of her support for the children

Karate Kids of America “Just Say No” were honored to have our District Attorney Joe Gonzales and his staff along with Constable Precinct 1 Reuben Tejeda, Supporters Lizz Rocha and Imelda Munoz

Karate kids of America with Mayor Ron Nirenburg with representatives from Longhorn steakhouse supporters of Karate kids

Mayor Ron Nirenburg presenting Master Eli Guerra with the Proclamation

Master Eli Guerra , Mayor Ron Nirenburg, Grandson Oliver, and daughter Jessica

Master Eli Guerra, Director of Guardian Angel Lizz, Annalizzette, Mayor Ron Nirenburg, and Office Manager of Guardian Angel Monica

Director of Guardian Angel Lizz, FBI Agent Pratt, Master Eli Guerra at Agent Pratt’s retirement luncheon.
We can not thank former Agent in charge and all the FBI members for their hard work in judging the children’s letters.
In doing so by helping out the community and helping save young lives from gangs, drugs and alcohol for the past 15 years.

Master Eli Guerra, Grandson Oliver, and strong supporter and motivator Mr. Barkley Anthony Owner of Sea Island

Karate promotions and recognitions evening December 19, 2019 
Where kids are recognized for their belt ranks and their A & B honor roll and dignitaries are recognized for their commitment to the children.
Harlandale representatives board of trustees and representatives from District Attorney Joe Gonzales office.

District Attorney Representatives Jessica Zapata and Desiree Orosco receiving a samurai sword for District Attorney Joe Gonzales.

Our District Attorney Joe Gonzales being honored with a samurai sword,
a symbol of together and in unity we shall cut away drugs gangs and alcohol from our children’s life.
Thank you for honoring our children for the good they do.

5th grade Writing Contest Winners
1st Place Maximiliano Bugarin – Colonial Hills Elementary
2nd Place Sirena Sanchez- Gilbert Elementary
3rd Place Nathan Moreno – Gillette Elementary

4th Grade Writing Contest Winners
1st Place Audrina Marquez – H.W. Shulze Elementary
2nd Place Anahi P. Ramirez, Neal Elementary
3rd Place Quiorah Mares, Rayburn Elementary

Thanks to the Love of My Life and forever my strongest supporter my late wife
Susan Mary Maheu Guerra for her continued guidance in service to the children
of our community and our state of Texas.