37 Best Funny Christmas Ornaments of 2022

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Bring the humor this Christmas with these gift-ready ornaments that range from silly to just plain ridiculous. Silver Xmas Tree

37 Best Funny Christmas Ornaments of 2022

As the holiday season rolls around, it's time to start thinking about how you plan to decorate your tree. From Christmas tree toppers to DIY Christmas ornaments, trimming the tree really is an art form. In addition to your basic baubles, large Christmas ornaments, and nostalgic family keepsakes, it's nice to bring some levity around the holidays with funny Christmas ornaments. They also make for great Christmas gifts, whether for a family member or friend with an ever-growing collection, as a coworker gift for your work wife with the best funny Christmas jokes, or as cheap funny Christmas ornaments to bring to a Dirty Santa gift swap.

Of course, it's important to be sensitive when gifting or displaying some of the more bizarre ornaments out there. If you aren't sure whether someone will appreciate a specific kind of humor, it's probably better to stick with a funny animal ornament or one that's just a little silly, even if it is intended as a gag gift. Luckily, we've included a wide range of unique funny ornaments, so you can find one that's perfectly tailored to you, your family, or the person you're gifting. Whether you're searching for a personalized ornament that nods to an inside joke with your bestie, or just something timely and humorous that can be universally appreciated, there are plenty of hilarious choices on our list.

Not only can silly ornaments spark conversation, act as icebreakers, and bring unexpected joy, but they're just one more special way to commemorate the year for you and your loved ones.

Is there a more relatable ornament than one filled with tiny Amazon packages? Probably not, which is likely why this handmade one with a pretty ribbon is an Etsy bestseller.

One five-star reviewer writes: "OMG, perfect for the Amazon lover/shopper! I love how it has every style package in it too!! Perfect for me (an Amazon Primer), and for anyone Amazon obsessed."

Surely you've seen these El Arroyo quotes all over social media. So why not decorate your tree with one? They're pure genius, hilarious, and hit home the times we live in. If you're not already familiar, El Arroyo is a Texas restaurant famous for its margaritas, and now, for their daily musings on their iconic billboard.

Perhaps you'll find the humor in this. Though we are sad about the reasons gas prices were at an all-time high, this ornament can poke fun at the prices you experienced at the pump this year.

Ross is fine, guys. This ornament says so. Give this to the Friends fanatic in your life to remember the episode.

Did you have a rough year? It won't feel as bad if you can now look back and find the humor in it. This dumpster fire ornament with 2022 on it will be a nice touch to your tree. Let's hope you have a better 2023.

No one's judging. If your bucket list doesn't have sky diving on it, but is perhaps more of a literal (wine) bucket, this ornament that celebrates a love of wine is a sure winner. Plus, you can choose a personalizable version for just $15.

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A swinging sloth hanging around your rearview mirror might be distracting while you drive, but on a Christmas tree, it's just the right amount of a distraction during the hectic holidays.

We love these sibling ornaments that you can give to each of your brothers or sisters. So, which one are you, and who will get which? They all make for a really fun gag gift. Just try not to offend anyone in your family too much.

If only this command could actually work... Raise your hand if you wish your Amazon Echo device could decorate your tree for you, not to mention take it apart when the holidays are behind you. Hop to it, Amazon.

Inside of this ornament, you can add a mini bottle of booze (not included in the purchase). Perfect for any emergency you or the person you're giving this to may have around the holidays!

Actor Nicolas Cage's face is the gift that keeps on giving, and this ornament is no exception. You've likely seen his famous face on pillows and other types of merch, and now you can hang it on your tree or give it away as a White Elephant gift.

Gift this to your partner this year because it's both funny, cute, and true! What else goes better together than toilet paper and poop?

Halloween might be long over by the time Christmas rolls around, but your obsession with the three lovable witches from the movie Hocus Pocus lives on year-round. This ornament features the Sanderson sisters from the spooky classic.

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"Disney adults" may not get a kick out of this, but seeing Mickey in a mouse trap will definitely make a certain kind of person laugh.

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti... Regardless of what you call this mysterious creature, having him adorning your tree in his festive gear will be a conversation starter for sure.

A deer sitting on the potty inside an outhouse: super cute but also random. If you celebrate Christmas in your country home or cabin, this has your name written all over it. If you don't, even better — because you probably don't have anything like it.

Har har. We love a corny joke, and this ornament features one with an adorable corgi. What more could you want?

A felt roasted turkey with a face and a chef's hat. There's a lot to unpack here. Regardless, it sure is festive. It belongs on your tree!

There should be no shame in your wine game. This ornament with your true holiday workout will show 'em how proud you really are of your boozy ways.

Hanging sushi pieces on your Christmas tree is not weird at all. Even better, they look pretty realistic, too. Showcase your love of Japanese cuisine with these!

Had a crap year? Commemorate it with an ornament that looks like a roll of TP. We know your 2023 will be a better one, so you can laugh about the past year now.

Honor the late, great painter, Bob Ross, who was known for showcasing his work on the show, "The JOy of Painting." This ornament shows the artist wearing a Santa hat and festive attire.

Straight from the classic movie, Stripes, this ornament features Bill Murray and one of his most iconic quotes of all time (which has since become a viral GIF).

Too soon? This ornament that looks like a 3D depiction of the coronavirus, which has changed the world forever, can serve as an inside joke for basically everyone on this earth. It's a red ball — like a classic Christmas ornament! — but with spikes just like COVID-19 under a microscope.

"Thank you for being a friend..." goes the song. Give this Sophia ornament to The Golden Girls fan in your life.

Santaur! Get it?! This half-Santa, half-horse ornament is so random yet festive. Laughs will be had. And did you notice he's been working out?

You don't have to be a math whiz to know how funny this "Duh" ornament is. Gift it to someone who gets really annoyed by people who state the obvious.

This one goes out to all the Gen Xers who played music using one of these. No boombox required. Personalize it by writing your very own mixtape label with a Sharpie for an added sentimental touch.

If you watched Netflix's Tiger King, you know exactly who this is (and who Carole Baskin is). Even if you didn't, this ornament is still pretty funny.

Though it probably wasn't funny when it happened that one year, now you can laugh about it. And this ornament depicting a precious kitty taking his mugshot with the words "I knocked down the Xmas tree," will generate plenty of giggles as you reminisce.

Have a millennial in your life? They all love guac, and they're proud to be extra! This ornament celebrates Gen Y vibes.

This raccoon isn't wrong. Put this on your tree if this IS you. I know I'm guilty.

Let's face it, everyone has someone on their list who is truly impossible to shop for. Either they dislike every gift they're given or they already have everything and truly don't need anything. Well, here's one gift you can finally give them.

The adulting struggle is real. This ornament says so. Give it to a coffee-loving grownup on your list, or gift it to yourself.

Whether you give it as a gift or keep it for yourself, this burrito ornament should adorn the tree of a burrito lover. Just try not to eat it.

A wood ornament that celebrates being weird is just what we needed. Give it to the oddball in your life. If you don't have a weirdo in your friend group, it's probably you! And in that case, just go ahead and hang this on your tree.

37 Best Funny Christmas Ornaments of 2022

Life Like Garland This pack of French fries is looking at you with the cutest little eyes. Made of felt and lightweight, this ornament can hang easily on your tree branches. "Super cute. My fry lovin’ son is gonna love it," writes one customer.