13 Best Home Scents for Men 2022

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From candles to diffusers to essential oils, these home scents are excellent. Scent Diffuser Hotel

13 Best Home Scents for Men 2022

You know how some spaces just have certain smells? Like how your childhood home always smells the same, or how that boutique hotel you stayed at seems like it has its own scent coming out of the walls? This isn't superfluous—appealing to the senses in this way actually changes the way in which you experience a place and remember it (and the scent) later.

If you don't have a signature home scent, it is high time you've found one. The good news is that there is a ton of scent exploring to do, and just as many contraptions you can use in which to test those out. Maybe you clean with lemon-scented products and sometimes light a candle. Good start. But starting to get strategic about what kind of scents you actually like in your home (do you like the lemon, or is it just habit?) and leaning into them elevates the entire vibe of a house.

Ahead, there are 13 ways to find that signature scent. There are classics, like candles and incense, which are great except for the fire. There are also lighter room sprays for the strong-smell averse, and Bluetooth-connected diffusers that work at the time and intensity you want them to. Go ahead, activate that sensory powered memory.

Pura's smart fragrance diffuser plugs right into the wall, so it takes up minimal space. It holds two concentrated fragrances of your choosing, which you can control the timing and intensity of from your phone. The key here is that those concentrated scents are quality—none of that plasticky scent you might get from a cheap plug-in.

Aesop's room spray is a great way to incorporate fragrance without having to commit to it or any device for longer than a few hours. You just spritz it around for a light, barely there smell that blends in. It's one of the best gifts to give anyone for just about any occasion.

Vitruvi's Stone diffuser is a longstanding favorite. It uses concentrated scents and water to diffuse out your preferred scent in subtle way. This is great for people who like some scent but don't want to feel awash in it.

Diptyque's scented oval is like a fancy version of poppurri, in that you just hang it up and let its scent settle in the room. No labor needed.

AromaTech's diffuser is a bit of a splurge but it is a splurge worth making. It's a nebulizer, which turns the the high-quality oil into a mist, no water needed.

Aera's mini diffuser adds good scents to small spaces without taking up any room or being an eyesore. You have to pair it with Aera's fragrance capsules, but there are all kinds of scent families to choose from.

This wax warmer uses a ceramic heater to gently melt wax and release that wax's scent. Control how long it melts and how strongly it smells at your leisure.

Reed diffusers can be controversial—not everyone is a fan of the reeds, which do easily attract dust—but they are great as an option for low-life scents. Nest's signature glass is a cool piece of decor, and the lemon and mint scent is light and fresh.

If you don't like scents in places where those scents don't naturally occur, this Blue Bottle x Cavern candle is a great option. It has a subtle scent of coffee blossom, which won't contrast how a kitchen or coffee bar is supposed to smell.

Don't sleep on candle warmers. Candles are great, of course, but having a fire you may or may not be paying attention to is not always the best way to go. This lamp warms up a candle (which releases the scent) without any flames involved.

Aced It Co's candles are great for light, outdoorsy scents like No.5's woodland, cedar, and cypress. Also a very good gift for your favorite golf fiend.

This lavender and cedar leaf room spray is great for feeling fancy without spending more than $15. Spray it on your bed after making it and before getting in it for a full hotel-esque sleep experience.

13 Best Home Scents for Men 2022

Oil Essential Diffuser For any diffuser that uses an oil, you can try a whole bunch at your leisure. Santal for the home tends to be a crowd-pleaser. If you're a first-timer, start here.